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We've got you covered

The MORPC Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is a free service that assures C-pass users who opt-in to the program a free ride home in case an emergency, illness, or unexpected overtime. It’s a foolproof benefit meant to ease your mind if you bus to work and need to get home quickly.

Do you already have a Gohio Commute account?
Log in here, then go to your profile. Check the box which reads I would like to participate in the Guaranteed/Emergency Ride Home program and then save your profile.

Don’t have an account and want to join? Go here to register. Make sure you check the box which reads I would like to participate in the Guaranteed/Emergency Ride Home program on the last step of registration.

Please allow up to 72 hours for the approval process to complete. You will receive an email from with further instructions.

How To Request an Emergency Ride Home

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Have you been approved by MORPC staff to use the ERH benefit? Great! Follow these directions to request your ride:

• Navigate to the Gohio Commute Member Dashboard and make sure you’re logged in

• From the top menu, click “Incentives”.

• From the sub-menu, click “Points Programs”.

• Assuming you are set up correctly, you should see the Emergency Ride Home section.

• Read the important information explaining the program.

• Click on the next available point in the list. A new section appears.

• Click on the “redeem” button.

• Click “OK” to submit your order.

• In the new window, enter the information as specified in each field and click “Complete Request”. Note that all fields are mandatory in order to continue.

After the form is submitted, check your inbox for a copy of the email sent to Yellow Cab of Columbus. You will receive a phone call from them to complete the reservation of your ride. Remember, it is very important that you have some form of photo identification to present to the driver.


Important information regarding ERH

Please note the following policies and rules regarding the ERH benefit:

• You are only allotted four (4) points for this program per calendar year.

• This program is only available for transportation from your address of employment to your home address or a Park & Ride location. No exceptions are considered.

• Some form of photo identification must be presented to the driver upon pick-up.

• In order to use the benefit, you must have used some sort of sustainable transportation to your workplace, such as rideshare, transit, or bike.