Individual Prizes & Winners

You’ll have ample opportunities to win and compete for prizes in this year’s Central Ohio Commuter Challenge.

The first 10 commuters to log a trip will win a ticket to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The first 8 people to log 2 bike trips will win a bike seat cover

The first 100 people to log 4 trips will win two tickets to the Gateway Film Center

The first 10 commuters to log 6 trips will win a $25 Lyft gift card

Individuals who log their commutes will be entered into a daily lottery for a chance to select one $25 gift card from our list of eligible vendors.

Grand Prizes:
The following grand prizes will be awarded on October 29, 2018. The more trips you log, the more entries you will have for the grand prize. This is limited to one entry per day.

$300 Visa Gift Card
$200 Visa Gift Card
$100 Visa Gift Card