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About Downtown C-pass

Eligible Downtown companies can now offer unlimited COTA access to employees thanks to the generous support of Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District, MORPC and corporate partners. Downtown C-pass costs nothing‐to your company or associates.

C-pass staff will also come to your office for presentations or tabling events to provide information about the program and other commuting options. We also have commuting videos you can share with your associates.

Downtown property owners will fund C-pass through December 31, 2020.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Companies must reside within the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District.
  • Certain Franklin County and City of Columbus agencies are also eligible.
  • Eligible employees must work on average 15 hours a week for a participating company. Call us to find out if temporary employees, interns or contract workers are eligible.


  • Choose a company representative to manage C-pass benefit.
  • Review COTA credential options for employees.
  • Notify C-pass staff of any contractors at your office since they may be eligible.


  • Register your company on the secure member portal.
  • Check out enrollment instructions under the Employer Links.
  • Enroll eligible employees on member portal.
  • Check out promotional materials under Employer Links.

  • Spread the word with employees.

Keep Going

  • Verify eligible employees once a month.
  • Give C-pass information to new employees.
  • Delete ineligible employees as soon as possible.
  • Help us survey participants.
  • Keep spreading the word—encourage smart commuting choices.

More questions? Check out the FAQ or give us a call at 614-591-4184. We’re happy to help.