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Reduce stress and save money by carpooling. Gohio Commute can help you find a carpool partner.

Turn your lengthy commute into a mobile block party. Learn how long-distance commuters can make the most of their commute time.

Don’t get stuck in traffic jams. Learn about the benefits of transit and how to find a route that works for you.

Keep your heart healthy by biking or walking to work. Discover bike-friendly routes and amenities along your commute, or find a bike buddy to ride with.

There are ample commute options for Central Ohio commuters. Learn how these cost-effective options can be built into your daily commute.

What is a Vanpool?

A Gohio Commute vanpool is a group of commuters who go to work together on a regular basis in a commuter van. Riders share an affordable monthly fee that covers the use of a van, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and fuel card.

MORPC’s Gohio Commute Vanpool Program is in partnership with Commute with Enterprise. MORPC contracts with Commute with Enterprise to provide vanpool services. Commute with Enterprise provides the van, billing, all maintenance, and ongoing customer support for the length of your vanpool experience.

Is Vanpooling Right for Me?

Do you travel to work on a consistent work schedule and want to find a better way to commute? If so, you might be an excellent candidate for vanpooling!

According to AAA’s Cost of Commuting, the average vanpooler saves thousands of dollars on annual commuting costs when switching from driving alone!


Many employers and employees look to vanpools as a cost-effective way to commute to work. While people are reacclimating to the idea of a shared commute, vanpooling allows for a more controlled environment since it’s a small group of people riding together for many years.

During these uncertain times, MORPC Gohio Commute and Commute with Enterprise has tried to inform groups about commuting safety. We believe by using the recommended CDC safety precautions, vanpool groups can limit their risk while traveling in the van. It is important for commuters to do their part to maintain the vehicle’s cleanliness and adhere to recommend health guidelines to protect all riders.

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Vanpooling Assistance Through Gohio Commute

Many resources are available to help get your vanpool on the road. Our toolkit for registered users includes:

Dedicated In-House Support

We’re here to make vanpooling easy for you! Contact us at 1-888-742-RIDE or and we’ll work to place you in an existing vanpool or form a new vanpool. Our staff will assist with all formation steps leading to van delivery.

Vanpool Subsidy

Looking to save money by vanpooling? MORPC can help you cut your commuting cost by offering a subsidy to qualified vanpools in Central Ohio.

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

ERH is a free service from MORPC that assures vanpoolers registered with Gohio Commute won’t be stranded in the case of an emergency.

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Commuter Tax Benefit

The tax code allows commuters to pay for their vanpool with pre-tax dollars. Contact us at to learn more about the tax benefit.

Vanpool Business Solutions

Do you have a parking crunch at your workplace or perhaps would like insight on how to promote sustainable employer policies? We are here to help! We can offer our free expert guidance and vanpool marketing materials.

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Incentive Programs

MORPC occasionally offers incentives to vanpoolers, such as the Central Ohio Commuter Challenge. Become a member of Gohio Commute to be one of the first to know about new incentives.

Commute Tracking

Ever wonder how much money you save by vanpooling or how much you’ve helped to reduce carbon emissions? Log your vanpool commutes within Gohio Commute and discover your meaningful impact.