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Gohio Commute makes it easy to find a carpool partner. Our platform has thousands of Central Ohio commuters interested in sharing a ride. To find potential carpool partners, first create an account. Then, search using our Trip Explorer. After entering your home and work address, the system will generate a listing of compatible carpool partners for your unique commute. You can then contact these individuals within the system. Once registered, users will be notified of potential carpool partners via email.

If you’re having trouble finding a carpool partner, check out our FAQs below for advice on how to find a partner and start a carpool.

Exclusive Workplace Ridematching

Would you like to find carpool partners within your company or office building? We can help! We’ll assign you to your employer’s network in the Gohio Commute system, where only others belonging to that specific network will appear as eligible rideshare partners. Contact us at and let us know your situation.

Carpool Registration

Are you already carpooling? It pays to register your carpool with Gohio Commute. Save money by finding additional riders to share the cost of your commute. Drivers and riders of registered carpools are also eligible for MORPC’s Emergency Ride Home benefit.

Review this article for information on how to get started – Carpooling

Carpool FAQs

Q: I’ve found a potential carpool match in the Gohio Commute system. Now what?

A: Reach out to them! When you message someone about carpooling, they’ll be able to email you back directly (using the email associated with your Gohio Commute account). Once you have made contact, we recommend setting a preliminary meeting in order to discuss the expectations of the carpool. For example, you may want to lay out what times the carpool will depart, music preferences, and whether or not you’re okay with food and drinks in your car.

Q: How can I determine who sees my saved trip in Gohio Commute?

A: You can set your trips to be visible to (1) the general public, (2) those within your employer network, or (3) invisible to everyone. Other users will not see your exact address in the system.

Q: I don’t have an email address. How can I use Gohio Commute to find carpools?

A: Contact us at 1-888-742-RIDE(7433) and we’ll assist you over the phone.

Q: Do I need a car to participate in carpooling?

A: No. You could be in a carpool as a passenger. However, we do encourage you to offer to pay for gas and parking.

Q: I ride with my spouse every day. Does that count as carpooling?

A: Yes. Contact us and register your carpool at the same time you register for the Emergency Ride Home program. Each carpool passenger must be registered to use the Emergency Ride Home program.