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Reduce stress and save money by carpooling. Gohio Commute can help you find a carpool partner.

Turn your lengthy commute into a mobile block party. Learn how long-distance commuters can make the most of their commute time.

Don’t get stuck in traffic jams. Learn about the benefits of transit and how to find a route that works for you.

Keep your heart healthy by biking or walking to work. Discover bike-friendly routes and amenities along your commute, or find a bike buddy to ride with.

There are ample commute options for Central Ohio commuters. Learn how these cost-effective options can be built into your daily commute.

Area Transit Services

Our region has several transit services. Details for each service is below.

Delaware Area Transit Agency (DATAbus): Operating in Delaware County, DATABus offers fixed route and paratransit service. DATAbus has routes connecting with COTA at Polaris and Crosswoods.

Lancaster Public Transit System: Lancaster’s transit department is committed to providing, safe, affordable and accessible transportation to anyone in Fairfield County. The service offers four fixed-routes in Lancaster in addition to on-demand services.

Pickaway Area Rural Transit (PART): PART is a convenient, low cost general public transportation service. Service hours are Mon.- Fri., 8a.m. – 5p.m. Contact them at (740) 474-8835 for more information.

Fayette County Transportation: Fayette County offers demand-response transportation services to passengers riding within the County. 24 hour advance registration is needed.

GoBus: GoBus is the rural inter-city bus service for Ohio, connecting towns such as Marysville, Newark, and Lancaster to cities such as Athens and Columbus. GoBus operates 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

Transit Assistance through Gohio Commute

Don’t waste time stuck in traffic jams. Explore bus routes within Gohio Commute and turn your time spent commuting into productive activity.

Registered users can receive the following services and benefits:

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

ERH is a free service from MORPC that assures transit riders registered with Gohio Commute won’t be stranded in the case of an emergency.

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Commuter Tax Benefit

The Internal Revenue Code section 132(f) Qualified Transportation Fringe, allows employees to use pre-tax dollars towards their transit commuting costs. Employees may use up to $125 per month, or $1,500 per year, towards their transit commute without paying income tax on this salary. Contact us at to learn more about this tax benefit.

Transit as a Business Solution

Have a parking crunch at work? Looking to create sustainable workplace policies? Gohio can work with your workplace to promote transit ridership. We offer free expert guidance and perhaps even provide funding to encourage transit ridership at your workplace. Let us know your needs by filling out our inquiry form:

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Incentive Programs

MORPC occasionally offers incentives to transit riders, such as the Central Ohio Commuter Challenge. Become a member of Gohio Commute and be the first to know about new incentives.

Commute Tracking

Ever wonder how much money you save by taking transit or how much you’ve helped to reduce carbon emissions? Log your commutes within Gohio Commute and discover your meaningful impact.