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Reduce stress and save money by carpooling. Gohio Commute can help you find a carpool partner.

Turn your lengthy commute into a mobile block party. Learn how long-distance commuters can make the most of their commute time.

Don’t get stuck in traffic jams. Learn about the benefits of transit and how to find a route that works for you.

Keep your heart healthy by biking or walking to work. Discover bike-friendly routes and amenities along your commute, or find a bike buddy to ride with.

There are ample commute options for Central Ohio commuters. Learn how these cost-effective options can be built into your daily commute.

Swap your gas pedal for a bike pedal and reap the benefits. We are here to help you find safe bike routes and find bike buddies to ride with.

Registered users can enjoy the following services and benefits:

Columbus Metro Bike Map

Ever wonder what routes are the most comfortable routes to ride in the Columbus metropolitan area? We’ve got you covered! Check out our locally crowd-sourced bike map that classifies roads based on riders’ level of comfort. If you would like a paper copy of the map, let us know by emailing

Find a Bike Buddy

Whether you’re an experienced rider looking to help novice bikers, a new biker looking for guidance, or even if you just want to bike with a friend, signing up for bikepool can help you find a bike buddy. Riders who ride together experience a more enjoyable and safer bike commute. Visit to match with or create a bikepool.

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

ERH is a free service from MORPC that assures bike commuters registered with Gohio Commute they won’t be stranded in the case of an emergency.

Learn more here

Accommodating Bikes at Your Workplace

Equipping your workplace with bike accommodations can help reduce the demand for parking and improve employee morale, well-being, and health. We offer free expert advice on how you can best accommodate biking at your workplace.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Incentive Programs

MORPC occasionally offers incentives to bike commuters, such as the Central Ohio Commuter Challenge. Become a member of Gohio Commute and be the first to know about new incentives.

Commute Tracking

Ever wonder how much money you save by biking to work or how much you’ve helped to reduce carbon emissions? Log your biking or walking commutes within Gohio Commute and discover your meaningful impact. You can even sync your Gohio Commute account with Strava to automatically log your trips!

Bike to Work Month

To celebrate and to encourage more people to ride their bikes, many communities and organizations around Central Ohio host events throughout the month of May.

If your community would like assistance planning any Bike to Work Month programs, events or campaigns, please contact us at


Helpful Links for Central Ohio Bike/Walk Commuters

CoGo Bikeshare: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around in the downtown area, bikeshare is an excellent solution. For a small fee, you have access to hundreds of bikes that can be used in 30 minute increments. Bikes can be unlocked at the docking kiosk or via the Transit App. Station locations can be found within the Gohio Commute system.

Yay Bikes!: Yay Bikes! exists because bicycling provides access to transformation. Yay Bikes! provides bike education, safety tips and even workplace consultation to help advance biking in Central Ohio.

Park & Pedal: Skip the hassle of competing for downtown parking. Bike into downtown Columbus from one of the several free and convenient Park & Pedal locations. Station locations can be found on the Park & Pedal page

Bike & Bus: Every COTA bus has two bike racks located at the front of the bus. DATABus also has convenient bike racks. The racks are free and easy to use. Just load your bike and jump on board.

Central Ohio Greenways (COG):  COG connects the Central Ohio region with over 180 miles of trails for everyone to explore parks, neighborhoods, rivers, and the vibrant, diverse culture of one of the nation’s greatest places to live, work, and play.

Walking in Columbus: Walking is a great way to improve your health and well-being. Check out resources available from Columbus Public Health to learn how you can have fun walking in Columbus.