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Parking in downtown Columbus can be a challenging endeavor, not to mention quite costly. Park & Pedal lets you skip the high costs and hassle of competing for downtown parking. Simply park your car for FREE at any one of the Park & Pedal locations surrounding downtown and enjoy your short bike ride into work.

Park & Pedal lots are currently at the following locations:

Academy Park: 36 parking spaces available. Easy access from I-70 on Columbus’ east side. Bike into downtown on bike-friendly roads, such as Bryden Rd/Town St, or Oak St.

Dodge Park: 13 parking spaces available. Easy access from SR-315, I-70, and I-71 (just off the Rich St. exit of SR-315, one exit north of the I-70/I-71 split). Bike into downtown on the Scioto Trail, a Central Ohio Greenway.

Scioto Audubon: 12 parking spaces available. CoGo station located on site. Easy access from I-70 (Front St. exit) and I-71 (Greenlawn exit). Bike into downtown on bike-friendly Front St.

CoGo Options Available

Don’t have a way to transport your bike to a Park & Pedal lot? CoGo’s got you covered! Rent a CoGo bike and make the easy ride into downtown.

Find a CoGo bike station here:


Please submit any questions or feedback regarding the Park & Pedal program to