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Vanpool Program - FAQ

Q: What does a passenger fare cover on the van?

A: The monthly fee covers the use of the van, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and prepaid fuel. The van agreement is on a month-to-month basis and only requires a 30-day notice when the commuter no longer wants to vanpool. The fare does not include parking.

Q: What are the basic responsibilities of being the primary coordinator/team leader?

A: As the primary coordinator/team leader, you are the key to a successful vanpool! Your main responsibility is to organize the schedule for all the volunteer drivers. Other responsibilities include ensuring that everyone has paid their vanpool fare, are receiving the monthly invoice, being the primary contract with the van provider, and arranging routine van maintenance every 7500 miles.

Q: Do I benefit from being a primary driver versus being a rider?

A: Serving as the primary driver comes with its advantages. Each primary driver can use the van for limited personal use (some restrictions apply – 100 personal miles a month and you must pay for your fuel).

Q: What are the requirements to be approved as a driver?

A: An applicant must meet the following criteria:
     1. Possess a valid driver’s license
     2. Be 25 years of age or older
     3. Must have no more than two moving violations and no-fault accidents in the previous three years
     4. Cannot have any major convictions in the past five years
     5. Be continuously licensed for a minimum of five years in the United States

Q: What happens if I am ill or on vacation?

A: Each vanpool is required to have a few volunteer drivers. The more drivers, the smoother a vanpool runs. Everyone who can drive should be signed up as an alternate driver. If one driver is ill or on vacation, then another volunteer driver drives the van.

Q. What about insurance for the van?

A: Each van has complete, comprehensive insurance coverage up to a million dollars which covers all drivers with a zero deductible.

Q: What about maintenance of the van?

A: The van’s maintenance can be performed at designated locations near the vanpool destination or the vanpool driver’s home. The van provider provides a bumper-to-bumper comprehensive preventive maintenance. There is never any cost to the vanpool group for maintenance and repairs.

Q: What should I do if I need additional riders?

A: Contact Patty Olmsted, Senior Outreach Specialist, at 614-233-4133 or She can advertise your route and assist in finding additional riders.