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November 3, 2017

Welcome to MORPC's Gohio Commute!

Gohio Commute Staff

Do you consider your work commute to be a nuisance? If you’ve ever spent time alone in your car on Central Ohio’s congested highways during rush hour, you might have answered with a resounding “Yes!” Time spent trapped in our car during rush hour can be a strain on our hearts. All the time we spend driving also costs us a fair chunk of change and limits the amount of quality time spent with family and friends. Commuting in Central Ohio is more or less seen as a necessary nuisance that comes along with having a job. It’s just something we have to do, and we can be tricked into thinking driving alone is the only means of commuting.

What if there were a smarter way to commute? A way that didn’t have to be such a costly nuisance, or such a detriment to our health. A way to turn our time spent commuting into productive time.

Your commute to work can be so much more than fighting traffic.

Welcome to Gohio Commute, a program of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) that is here to help you find a smarter way to commute. Gohio Commute offers a variety of services and resources that can help you rethink your ride and try something new.

Have you considered trying to find a carpool or vanpool partner to split the cost of commuting and help the environment? Become a member and use our platform to identify potential partners. We even have some tips to help you out.

Biking to work is a great way to maintain a healthy heart and lower stress levels. Find bikeable streets from our crowdsourced bike map. If you’re uncomfortable biking on streets, register in our system to partner with an experienced bike buddy who can help you learn the rules of the road. Our Park & Pedal program is a great way for suburban commuters to park for free on the periphery of downtown Columbus and bike into work.

Taking transit is a cost-effective commuting solution that lets you read, check email, or watch Netflix while on the bus. Gohio Commute can help you identify transit options that work well for your unique trip.

There are numerous ways to improve your commute, and Gohio Commute is here to help you rethink your ride. Stay up-to-date with continuous program enhancements and incentive campaigns by joining the Gohio community today.