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Bike to Work Week/Day

National Bike to Work Week is Monday, May 13th through Friday, May 17th.
National Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 17th!

National Bike Month includes a collection of exciting events in Central Ohio but the biggest of these are Bike to Work Week and Day! Biking to work can improve mental and physical health of employees and the environment is improved when cars are taken off the road.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or looking for a healthier, more sustainable form of commuting, this Bike to Work Week and Day is the perfect time to join in the fun of biking to work!

City of Columbus Bike to Work Day Celebration

Columbus Bike to Work Celebration

Friday, May 19, 2019

Columbus City Hall,
90 West Broad Street, Columbus OH 43215

Join hundreds of riders by biking into downtown along one of several pre-planned routes. All routes will end at Columbus City Hall at 8:00AM for a celebration including breakfast and brief announcements.

Central Ohio Bike Month Partners

See resources from the Central Ohio Bike Month Partners below for some great resources for trying the Bike to Work!

Do you not know a bike route to work? Visit and register to see what bike route options are available to you based on your commute route and schedule.

Do you want to Bike to Work but not own a bike?
CoGo Bike Share has 72 stations around Columbus that you can use to Bike to Work! Visit their website here to learn how you can participate in Bike Month with CoGo!

Yay Bikes! influences the conditions that help people safely and comfortably ride bicycles for transportation in two primary ways. We teach people how to ride a bicycle for transportation. A person’s ability to ride more places, more often stems from on-road bicycle education that supports and challenges them as they encounter real-world traffic scenarios. We help professionals understand how they can improve conditions. An environment that supports those who ride for transportation stems from professionals with first-hand experience riding roads who have been empowered and supported by advocates to initiate thoughtful change.

Not sure if you are ready to bike your full commute route?

Bike to a COTA stop along your commute if you only want to bike part of the way! Click here for more information on how to use a COTA bus bike rack.

To celebrate Bike Month and Bike to Work week Smart Columbus is partnering with PULLL to support your daily commute. That’s right – when you walk or cycle to work or class, Smart Columbus is here to power you each step (or pedal!) of the way.

Download the PULLL app and you’ll now see a new ‘Commute’ activity in the PULLL app. Select that activity prior to your work or school commutes each day. By commuting car-free, you’ll help power a smarter, more sustainable transportation network in central Ohio—and raise money for cancer research at the same time.

#BikeToWork #BikeToCureCancer

Check out these Bike Safety tips From the League of American Bicyclists, even if you are an experienced cyclist!

An easy way to make sure your bike is in good working order is to do an ABC Quick Check:

Take the full lane when it feels narrow but try to leave three feet between you and traffic:

Communicating your intentions not only makes your ride safer, but it is also required by law in the United States:

Changing lanes in traffic can be challenging. Learn how to change lanes with confidence:

Intersections can be confusing on a Bike. Check this video out for some help.

For more helpful tips visit