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Reduce stress and save money by carpooling. Gohio Commute can help you find a carpool partner.

Turn your lengthy commute into a mobile block party. Learn how long-distance commuters can make the most of their commute time.

Don’t get stuck in traffic jams. Learn about the benefits of transit and how to find a route that works for you.

Keep your heart healthy by biking or walking to work. Discover bike-friendly routes and amenities along your commute, or find a bike buddy to ride with.

There are ample commute options for Central Ohio commuters. Learn how these cost-effective options can be built into your daily commute.

Improve You Commute!

Central Ohio is fortunate to have many different options for personal mobility. Check out the following resources below to learn how you might be able to improve your commute.

Taxis and TNCs

If you find yourself in need of a ride, Central Ohio has ample taxi and TNC (Transportation Network Company) options available. Support local taxi services such as Yellow Cab by requesting a ride via their app or over the phone. TNCs like Uber and Lyft also operate in the Central Ohio region.

Mobility Solutions

Perhaps you’re in a situation where driving, ridesharing, taking transit, biking, or walking aren’t an option. HandsOn Central Ohio (211), the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging (614-645-7250), and the Franklin County Office on Aging (614-525-5230) may have mobility options available for you.