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Want to improve your commute?

The Gohio Mobility Hub is your one-stop-shop for finding resources that will help you rethink your ride. We’ve got some ideas about how you can commute smarter:

  • Use Gohio Commute to compare transportation modes for your commute and find your ideal bus route. Log your trips to track your environmental impact. Compete for valuable prizes. Companies can create private networks for employees to join. Our robust platform has ample tools for you to explore!
  • C-pass users can minimize their time waiting at the bus stop by tracking their bus in real-time using Transit App.
  • Get around downtown with ease using Columbus’ variety of transportation options including CBUSCoGo bikeshare, or other mobility services (e.g. Yellow Cab, Lyft, Uber).

Interested in even more commute-related information? Checkout our Getting Around pages to discover how you can choose smart commuting options. You may also want to view our main Commute Resources page, where you can learn more about the fantastic tools available within Gohio Commute, discover Carpool Creation Tips, and explore several other external resources.

If there’s anything else we can do to help you find a smarter way to commute, let us know by contacting