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Challenge Partners

The Ohio Commuter Challenge was organized by the members of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) across Ohio. The Ohio Commuter Challenge would not be possible without the generous time donated to promote the challenge within their regions. Please take a moment to learn more about the services offered by your MPO in your region.

MORPC The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) is an association of cities, villages, townships, counties and regional organizations serving Central Ohio. It seeks to promote quality transportation alternatives to the Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) with the goal of reducing congestion in the region and improving the air quality. MORPC’s Gohio Commute program offers free services to individuals and organizations seeking to find a smarter way to commute. Gohio Commute also administers the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) benefit, which pays 100 percent of cab fare to Central Ohio commuters who carpool, vanpool, ride transit or bike to work but must get home quickly in the event of an emergency or unexpected overtime. By partnering with other transportation service providers for the Commuter Challenge, MORPC aims to encourage Central Ohio commuters to try all kinds of alternative transportation options, with the hope that the modal shift will last beyond the Commuter Challenge!